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"The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the period from birth to the age of six…for that is the time when intelligence itself, her greatest implement, is being formed…"

~ Maria Montessori


“Mandy provided exceptional care to my daughter on a daily basis! She is very caring and patient, especially when my daughter was having a bad day. She has a way about her that makes children feel safe and loved. Mandy has provided the necessary skills both academically and socially for my daughter to prepare for kindergarten. My daughter gained self-help/self-care skills as well as manners while under Mandy’s care. In the approximate 2 years my daughter was with Mandy, she grew academically, knowing all 26 letters, counting numbers up to 50 and writing and recognizing letters and numbers. My daughter loved going to Mandy’s and never wanted to leave! Days where I was struggling with my daughter’s behavior and angry – Mandy would pull her aside and talk to her or divert her attention, smoothing everything out for the both of us! Mandy made each child feel special. She always had a hug and kiss for them. My daughter is doing so well in kindergarten now – I feel because Mandy prepared her. Mandy worked on the fine motor skills – cutting, writing, etc. as well as gross-motor skills. She enjoyed coming to Mandy’s so much that she often did not want to leave!” ~ Amy & Buddy Miller
“We are very happy with the care that Mandy is providing to our 9 month old baby girl, Hailey. We feel that Hailey is being cared for in the same way we would care for her in our own home. It makes it much easier to be away from her during the day knowing she is in such good hands. Hailey is thriving and learning so many new things every day. Mandy spends time with all of the children providing them with structured activities that will encourage their growth and learning. Hailey is a very content baby. She has adjusted very well and bonded with Mandy and all of the other children. Mandy provides her with a loving environment where all of the children are encouraged to be kind, respectful, and considerate towards each other. Mandy manages to create an environment that is calm and in control every day. We are pleased that Mandy exposes Hailey to toys and simple puzzles to teach her things like shapes, colors, and textures. Hailey loves circle time and listening to stories that Mandy reads and hearing songs that Mandy and the other kids sing every day. She is learning new things every day. We love how proud she is of herself when she comes home and can show us something new. Hailey likes coming to school every day. She is always glad to see Mandy and the other kids. She always has a big smile when we say bye-bye to her in the mornings and is quite content to stay with Mandy when we leave for work.” ~ Jill & Bob Schildt
“Two and a half years ago my husband and I moved from Connecticut back into the Boyertown area (where we both grew up). At the time, our son was 18 months old. While we lived in Connecticut our son went to a daycare center from the time he was 3 months old until we moved. Once we moved back into the area we spent some time looking into daycares in this area. We found a daycare we were happy with and planned on starting to send our son there once I found a job. In the meantime, we heard that Mandy was opening a Montessori style daycare out of her home. My husband and I both went to school with Mandy so we decided to look into it. My biggest concern with daycares is the trust issue. My son is the most important person in my life so being able to trust his caregiver is very important to me. Since my husband and I both knew Mandy on a personal level, trust was never an issue for us. But I have to admit that I was a little worried that my son wouldn't get the same socialization opportunities in a small 'home' daycare center as he would in a regular daycare center. (At the time, Mandy was only caring for two other children...her son and her niece) But after a lot of consideration we decided that Mandy was the right choice for our son. So our son started going to Mandy's one month before he turned two. Our son is now 4 and we still believe that sending him to Mandy's was one of the best decisions we have made for him. As for our concern about socialization.....Mandy's daycare did not take long at all to grow. Within months she had more kids under her care and continued to get calls from parents who she had to turn down because she was at her maximum capacity. My son has gained many friends and is a lot more sociable and outgoing than before he started going to Mandy's. Mandy is incredible with the kids. I believe that there are certain people who are meant to work with kids.....Mandy is definitely one of them. I am still amazed every day by what my son learns at Mandy's. By the time he was 3, he knew his alphabet and recognized all of the letters....upper and lower case. He could write his name and all of the numbers. One day he came home and, out of the blue, counted to 10 in Spanish. He can now write all of the letters and he can count to 100. Besides letters and numbers he has learned about strangers, manners, fire, how to be fair and lots of other things that every parent would want their child to know. Mandy has taken the kids on field trips while studying certain topics. While they were learning about manners, Mandy took the kids to a restaurant for lunch so they could all order their own lunches and then practice their table manners. Last year she put together a Thanksgiving show with the kids and this year they did a Christmas show. Mandy doesn't just sit at home and watch the kids....she goes above and beyond to educate them while, at the same time, having lots of fun with them. Mandy is also always willing to work with the parents on any individual needs a child may have. My son was potty trained at 2 1/2 years with a lot of help from Mandy. She encouraged us to send our son to her house in underwear while we were potty training. She had no problem dealing with 5 accidents a day if that's what it took to get him potty trained. She encourages each child to be independent and will do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals. I give Mandy a lot of credit for the person my son is today. When we first started taking our son to Mandy's she told us of her dream to, someday, open her own Montessori school. Her dream is finally becoming a reality and there is nobody more deserving than her. She has worked very hard to get where she is today. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Mandy is a wonderful caregiver....I am so glad I made the decision 2 years ago to send my son to her daycare. And, in a few months, I am very excited that Mandy will also be caring for our newborn daughter.” ~ Kyle & Steve Welsh
“"Our son, Cade, has been with Mandy for home care since he was four months old. The genuine care and concern she showed for Cade from the start made going back to work an easy transition, especially for a first child family. During Cade's time with Mandy she nurtures his emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. Mandy offers Cade consistent and positive reinforcement that promotes his autonomy; developmentally appropriate materials that encourage and challenge him academically; and practical, real-life experiences that allow him to safely explore his environment. As he quickly approaches his second birthday, we are amazed each day by how he constructively discovers the world with independence, intelligence, and enthusiasm, and truly credit Mandy for a large part of his development. Mandy warmly welcomed Cade when he was too young to understand her role in his life, now he looks forward to greeting his 'Miss Mandy' each morning!"” ~ Jason, Becky, and Cade Bush

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